Sunday 31 May 2020

My name is Camille Mermod and I am the mother of three boys. I teach music and cultivate a large garden that I want to feed both my family and the animals that live there.Camille

After writing, somewhat in vain, different letters to different authorities, the idea came to me to send drawings to the leaders of multinationals. That was in February 2019. I talked about it around me and I was very encouraged by the reactions of several of my friends.

In about two weeks, we were already 7 adults and 21 children
to take part in what was now a project.



Nadia Renna Sorel, the composer and performer of our song and translator of the site in Italian.




Fanny Mastantuono, who transforms us into animals with her make-up. She's our advisor, too.


Alexandre Rochat and Véronique Gasser, who shot and edited the video film Ensemble for 2051. Véronique also wrote the story and provided the voiceover that tells it.

Ruth translated « It's up to you » in Switzgerman.

The actors of the video: Johan, Ethann, Dénéo, Darrell, Zeya, Léo, Juliette, Nathanaël, Elisabeth, Pierre, Ella, Zoé, Matthieu, Manna and Lilo.

The singers: Elise, Eleonore, Armelle, Noelani and Zeya.

The Webmasters: Ludovic and Stéphane.

IBAN: CH59 0839 0036 3627 1000 2
Banque Alternative Suisse SA, 4601 Olten, BIC: ABSOCH22XXX
Ensemble pour 2051, 1450 Sainte-Croix.

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