Sunday 31 May 2020

Once upon a time, in that magical place where every day followed the night peacefully, every spring flourished following the harsh winter, a strange time when the oceans began to spit out lead-laden fish trapped in plastic, when the forests shouted out to fight a noisy and devastating fever, when the polluted land. But you know this story, don't you? It is not funny and it is not pleasant to hear it. Exploitation, speculation, profit - uprooting, exhaustion, debt - depression, anxiety, insomnia. The hours were dark, covered by a heavy satellite cloud.

At that time, fortunately, children's laughter was still bursting, joyful, sparkling and full of life. It is therefore not surprising if children were the first to perceive, one day when they were playing between the foliage, that something had changed. A detail as tiny as a white feather landing on the rose of a dog rose: the wind, since dawn, had begun to blow upside down! Not that « he had turned », as grown-ups say. But it was really blowing « backwards ». Like the water of a stream that flows up to its source or an old man who loses his wrinkles. Some adults also noticed it, but they paid little attention to it, too busy maintaining the system as they knew it.

Little by little, this special wind gave rise to new thoughts in the hearts of children. As if driven by an urgent need to live, they decided to paint all the wild animals they had the joy of living with in this world, with the hope of seeing them flourish for a long time to come in their natural environment and to introduce them, much later, to their children's children.

Moved by a collective impulse, they drew tirelessly, claiming the common dream that inhabited their hearts: To live in a world where the Earth and all Living Beings would be treated with equity and kindness. Then they sent their works to the « powerful in society », those who, working in modern offices hung on the top of high towers, sometimes forgot the fragility and beauty of the ecosystem on which humans are interdependent.

Teenagers and young people also came together to devise solutions: how to take care of the planet? how to take care of humans? how to share knowledge, skills, wealth in order to break out of the cycle created by the choices of their elders? Together, they designed surprising infrastructures, purifying river water and cleaning the oceans. They discussed projects that would enhance the value of nature, allowing people to regain their connection to the Earth and other living beings.

Encouraged by the vitality of their children, adults embraced the vision of necessary change. First the simple gestures of everyday life, then all consumer habits were questioned. Products from businesses or companies that did not respect nature were rejected. Cooperatives, trade networks, care for the earth and living beings, the whole economy will be structured differently. The evolution of the human species allowed it to live in harmony with the rest of creation.

Oh, I'm sorry, « Only wind », you say? Yes, a wind that has indeed risen and is blowing all over the world.

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