Sunday 31 May 2020

Hello and welcome!

Are you also aware of the climate emergency?

It is true, the urgency is no longer to be demonstrated. The most catastrophic scenarios are emerging.

But we must not despair!

We must join forces

and our voices to achieve radical changes in our individual functioning and in the functioning of our society.

Our children and young people want to live, eat, laugh, love, dance, play with their own children. . . They want to walk through the forests in search of animal tracks, learn to recognize the songs of birds, dive into the sea, with masks and snorkels, to observe fish. . .

Let's do something about it!

We suggest that they prepare drawings or other works depicting their favourite wild animals in their natural living environment.

The older ones can also describe their ideas to make tomorrow possible.


We will address these works directly to the powerful in our country, to those who can make a big difference.


Throughout 2019 (and perhaps beyond), we will choose recipients, particularly among the leaders of multinationals.


Our goal is to reach these people

to carry out transformations and support projects aimed at enabling life beyond 2050.


That is why today we are mobilizing for a major operation:

Operation 2051!

Are you a parent, grandparent, teacher, uncle or auntie? Feel free to help the young people around you!

Together we can make their voices heard



MAY 2019

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